Japanese Hisamine Research Society



Greetings from the President of

Japanese Histamine Research Society


March 1, 2012


Japan Histamine Research Society (JHRS) has been transformed as a public society.  Histamine is a well-known mediator of type-1 allergy and gastric acid secretion in peripheral tissues, and a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.  Histamine research is expanding, especially in immunology and neuroscience.  Till now, four histamine receptor subtypes, H1, H2, H3 and H4 receptors, have been identified.  Research in histamine area is now well linked to many other fields.  I expect that JHRS will be a place of communication by many researchers.


History of JHRS originates in 1979 (Showa 54). Prof. Kenji Tasaka and Prof. Hiroshi Wada agreed with gathering once a year which initiated the meeting on histamine research.  This meeting was held 17 times in Okayama.  After retirement of Prof. Tasaka and Prof. Wada, histamine researchers continued this meeting with gradual improvement.  The first meeting was chaired by Prof. Yamatodani, and 15 more meeting were organized by this time.


As mentioned at the beginning, histamine distributes in peripheral tissues as well as in the central nervous system.  Various research achievements in histamine field by different groups are reporting in JHRS meeting.  Attending JHRS meeting, every researcher will be expected to have new hints, new ideas and new strategies for further research.  In addition, JHRS meeting is a place of friendly and free discussion.  These good points of the meeting will be highly desired to be lasted by the researchers with a keyword of histamine at transformed JHRS meeting.


Prof. Hiroyuki Fukui


Japan Histamine Research Society