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* Deadlines for both early registration and abstract submission was extended to June 8, 2018.  We welcome your registration and abstract submission!!

* From Kansai Airport to Kobe, a simple way is to use Skygate shuttle taxi.  For detail, go to Web site of MK taxi Skygate shuttle

* A page of Guidelines for Presentation is added. 

* Bank account for registration fee is now open for both foreign and Japanese participants.

* Some of designated speakers including invited speakers are listed in program page.

* President Professor Fukuis greeting was added

* Abstracts of poster presentation can be sent from Call for Abstract page. 

* Some links to tourist information and Japan Railway were added.

* Form mail system is now open.  Please send your registration form and abstract from Form Mail system.

(last updated on 13th of June, 2018)


President: Hiroyuki Fukui, Tokushima University

Secretary: Mitsunobu Mio, Shujitsu University

Organizing committee

(alphabetical order):

Paul Chazot, Durham University

Yutaka Gomita, Okayama University

Yuichi Hattori, Toyama University

Michihiro Hide, Hiroshima University

Noriyasu Hirasawa, Tohoku University

Shigeru Hishinuma, Meiji Pharmaceutical University

Chiaki Kamei, Yasuda Womens University

Mitsuko Kanamaru, Showa University

Hideyuki Kawauchi, Shimane University

Rob Leurs, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Steve Liu

Kazutaka Maeyama, Ehime University

Hiroyuki Mizuguchi,  Osaka Otani University

Masaho Nakamura, Tohoku Medical Pharmaceutical University

Masato Ogasawara, Iwate Medical University


Kenji Onodera, Epilepsy Centre BETHEL

Koichiro Ozawa, Hiroshima University

Pertti Panula, University of Helsinki

Beatrice Passani, University of Florence

Eiichi Sakurai, Tokushima Bunri University

Eiko Sakurai, Iwaki Meisei University

Noriaki Takeda, Tokushima University

Satoshi Tanaka, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

Manabu Tashiro, Tohoku University

Robin Thurmond, Janssen Research and Development

Takehiko Watanabe, Medical Corporation Kinshukai

Masami Yabumoto, Medical Corporation Kinshukai

Atsushi Yamatodani, Osaka University

Kazuhiko Yanai, Tohoku University


Place and Location (Please click the link for further information)


Venue: Shinsho Hall, The Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry

6-1 Minatojima-Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-8543 Japan.


Excursion: Himeji Castle


Farewell Party: Ariston Hotel Kobe,  next to Shinsho Hall.


Provider of Japanese Tea Ceremony on July 7th: Voluntary member of Urasenke Internaitonal Association


This symposium is in part supported by KOBE convention bureau.